'73 k5 Build - New Drivetrain - 350/3500/241/205

  • Been getting a lot of stuff done on my k5 this winter break so decided to post up my progress.

    Almost done converting to 1350's up front. I swapped in a 32 spline ford shaft in the 205 for more yoke options. Made a square drive shaft with ttb50 axle shafts and some 1/4" tube. Just need a 1350 yoke for the 60 (should have one tomorrow).

    Finally got tired of the ****ty ride from the cheap springs so I built a shackle flip for the rear with some leftover steel from the drive shaft. Pulled every other leaf from my 56's and ended up with 3 and the overload. Threw on some 7.25" shackles from Kert and she is sitting about .5" higher then the old springs.

    While I had the axle out I welded the spiders up (the right way this time) into a little orb of traction. I also threw on a diff cover from Kert, an unwelded flat, my welds aren't as pretty as Kerts but they got good penitration. Gave it a little shave too, not too much just smoother the lip.

    In the front I pulled the bottom leaf from the lift springs and put in a degree shim dropping it down .5" from before. Threw another of Kerts diff covers on there too. Hopefully tomorrow I will get a yoke for the front blead the brakes and flex it to measure for shocks. Probably end up inbording the rears somehow :dunno:

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