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73 K5 'Florita Roja Del Desierto' New Steering Components


First build thread - hopefully I edited this right!

I replaced the stock column with a tilt column and revived the column shift linkage about a year ago. At that time I also replaced the pitman arm and drag link. Now it was time for the junkyard box to go.

Photos 1-3 show the old setup. You can see the old frame repair in the second and third one. Not knowing if it was a good weld, I ordered a new one from ORD, along with the bolt on frame reinforcer and the new steering box, which came direct from PSC.


Pic #4 shows my dash and old steering wheel - as you can see there is a lot of work still to do up here!

Pic #5: What a beautiful box! The components from ORD were top-notch; I couldn't be happier. As it turns out, the old weld repair was good. You can't see the frame reinforcer but it's in as well.

Pic #6: Some custom work to hold off the power steering pump and quiet the screeching belts (the bracket was nowhere to be found).

Pic #7: Vintage steering wheel in excellent condition is now installed, alignment is improved, and my steering is just about complete. What a difference in driving experience!

Thanks for checking it out. Coming soon (I hope): distributor, driver's window repairs, power steering pump and bracket, new seats, transmission, motor, etc., etc., ....

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