73 super 30 motorhome 'Ol Mitch. CUMMINS.

  • While I should have been putting in the extra time on paying customer work to pay down debt or get ahead..... I tell myself I want an RV. I've been camping out of my Express van for about 4 years. It works, but I wanted a little more.


    SO while cruising craigslist one afternoon, I run across this 1973 Chevy Cheyenne Super 30 with a Chassis mount Mitchell and sons Camper attached. I should have never went and looked at it. I should have told myself, "that's nice" and kept cruising.. But I went and had a look and that was it. I HAD to have it. It ran and drove.... poorly for only having 57,000 on the clock. I figured the long periods of sitting had the carb and tune up in need of attention. I got it back to the shop, tuned it up, threw a known good replacement qjet on it and NOTHING changed.... uh oh.. Long story short, motor was no good.

    Anyway here's some more pics for you pic whores. interior was pretty nice for a 73....
    IMG_20180530_172156956_HDR.jpg 00606_pUvy2EnUoB_1200x900.jpg 00X0X_fyR5pwt6JKa_1200x900.jpg IMG_20180530_172254304.jpg IMG_20180530_172238315_HDR.jpg
    It has not one, but TWO 8 track players! Flippen Sweet!

    Upon diggin a little deeper in to the old girl, I found there was some water damage in the over-cab portion, so I called on a friend of mine for a little help.

    IMG_20180602_144256482_HDR.jpg IMG_20180602_144334284_HDR.jpg
    got all the new frame work in, still in the process of finish/trim.

    In the meantime, I was debating on what I should do about the motor... pull this one and fix it, find a donor or do the ultimate cummins swap.. The timing worked out perfect where a complete donor motor and trans came along. I was able to pull a complete 5.9 6bt and a 618 trans out of a 1992 2wd D250 dodge with 130K!
    IMG_20180601_103320_01.jpg IMG_20180601_130958_01.jpg
    Finally, this weekend I was able to get the RV front clip off with some help and get the 454/th400 out and the new power plant set in!

    IMG_20180728_161649487.jpg IMG_20180728_182020793_HDR.jpg

    Out with the old, in with the new..

    It was absolutely crazy how easy it was to get the Cummins mounted in there. The 1st gen mounts are the exact angle of the GM frame mounts. I swapped the dodge mounts from side to side to move them back about 1.5" and set it down!

    I used some industrial rubber pieces I had around as insulators. It's pretty rugged stuff, we'll see how it holds up.

    when switching the Engine mounts from side to side, I had to clearance the one for the passenger side(from the drivers side). It was interfering with the turbo oil drain.
    IMG_20180729_163205856.jpg IMG_20180729_163221457.jpg
    Oil pan clearance is perfect too. Sits right in line with the crossmember. drain plug is the only thing that sticks below.
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