74 dirty c rough weekend with a smile....

  • so i decided i need a decated hunting 4x4 capable of going places stock 4x4s wont. build thread here we go..... so I didn't get started with a blank slate. I got the Craigslist steal 1974 k5 set up with ord shackle flip ord shackles with ruff country springs with all grease able hardware. it had the 2 stick 203 witch was a big pain in the Ass... beard seats and a broken cb... 20140202_130209.jpg 20140203_162648.jpg
    the only thing wrong with it was I was told it had 4.56s and it has 4.10s.... but it's getting the job done
    the first thing I did was get rid of the dry rotted and chewed up bfg mtrs. replaced them with goodyear mtrs and got a spare... so I made a spare tire carrier 20140322_164223.jpg

    next was lights and roofrack because there isn't much room 20140703_194316.jpg 20140703_194340.jpg added 12000# smithybilt x20 winch
    took off the sway bar 20140910_184917.jpg 20140910_185015.jpg