'74 K5 build: Smurf

  • from stock to smurf, in seventy-two easy (ha!) steps, plus some commentary on the life decisions I've made, often poor ones. Including four houses and three marriages. :doah:

    There will be some storytelling and some photopimping. I don't discuss the basics -- you should know a grade 5 from a grade 8 bolt -- but I don't claim to be an expert fabricator either. I just like to weld, so I build things. Sometimes they even work!

    Here on CK5 we have all kinds of builds: stock trucks, resto-mods, movie truck replicas, trucks turned into moon buggies, trucks with amazing fastidious work, trucks made entirely from junkyard parts, and insanely beautifully re-engineered things that vaguely resemble their original form.

    TankGrrl is not any of those. She's just an old truck, kinda fixed up, mostly built not bought, suitable for wheeling or driving to the grocery store, as long as it's not boiling hot nor freezing cold. This truck sits right squat in the middle of the bell curve, and hopefully we'll have a bunch of fun there.

    I'm hopeful that y'all will get some good ideas about what you want to do to your truck. Maybe you'll copy something here directly, maybe you'll just use it as a starting point ... but I'll deem it successful if we stimulate a little technical discussion, and suffer the occasional jibe for our shortcomings :D

    -- A