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'75 K5 build AKA -10 Below Blazer


I picked up my 75 a couple years back from my father in law for $2200. He found it in northern MN after it had just arrived from AZ where the PO had passed away. I've used it for tooling around the back 20 for a while and occasionally take it to a local mud hole. I decided that it's time to start tearing it apart and putting it back together because I wanted one since I was a kid :smile1:. After having it for a few years there's a few things that I know I need to address. Body flex(already posted about rocker box design, that'll be this spring), seats and belts, axles, engine, t-case, and those crappy flares and hood scoop.

Here's the starting point the day I brought it home.

It's currently got a 327 w/ th-350 in it. I'm not sure of the t-case but I know it's not the factory 203 as it's goes from front to back 4L/N/2H/4H. I'd crawl under and take a look but my new polebarn doesn't have a floor poured yet and it's fricking cold here in MN. The 327 is a dog, it's way over carbed with a 750 Holley on it and you can tell it's tired from years of use. The carpet inside is some awesome redneck blue deck carpeting like you'd see on a pontoon:saweet:. Observant eyes will spot the body lift which is also going the way of the dodo as well. All in all I have a lot of work in front of me but I absolutely love the thing and I'm looking forward to posting occasionally for advice, updates, and what not. I've been lurking for years before I decided to jump in so all the great rigs on here have helped to serve as inspiration.

All that said, here's project #1 since it's winter(hence the name "-10 below blazer" and I can work in my attached garage with some heat and relative comfort.


There sits the 14 bolt that's going in this spring. My 7yr old got an 18v drill for christmas and wanted to help me out. I put in a sanding disk for him and he's off to the races. Free rust removal service:grind:. I grew up working in the garage with my dad as he was a mechanic so I'm loving go out there with him and teaching him anything I can. I already have the passenger side hub/drum off to do the disc brake swap. My wife got me all the stuff for christmas for it. She's pretty understanding about the whole thing(she let me buy it on mothers day after all) and loves that my son and 5yr old daughter like helping. I picked up the 14 bolt and a matching dana 44 w/ 8 bolt hubs for $150 on CL. My son says they're going to be gray axles and shiny because he thinks that would look "pretty darn good" so that'll be the final product. I'm going to rebuild the hubs as I install the brakes and then after that tear into it, redo the ring and pinion, bearings, and throw a locker into it. I'm shopping on copart now for wrecked trucks/suv's with 6.0LS and 4L80's in them so I can swap that in as well. With that knowledge, I was thinking of going with some 4.56 gears(thick cut, not carrier swap) since the OD should help when I take it out cruising. I have 35's on it now and plan to stay with that or possibly step up to 37's. Anybody have any feedback on that combo for highway use? The current axles are street geared, tired motor and what not so I'm thinking this should still have decent highway manners and have some good power down low for off road use.

I look forward to sharing the progress over time.


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