76 CrewCab Dually...4/1....powdercoated parts!

  • As many have followed and commented on my Iron Maiden thread, I bought a 76 Crewcab dually in Utah, and drove it home last weekend...
    Eric (Blazinzuk) did a lot of legwork hunting down a solid platform for me to start a tow rig rebuild with.

    My wants for a truck were:
    Must be a round headlight year
    Crewcab Dually
    454/T400 drivetrain
    A/C, Cruise options
    Solid frame and body

    The 454 runs strong, although it does use a quart of oil every 400mi or so;
    the trans shifts great, and appears to be in great overall condition.
    The 4.10 rear D70 also seems to be in good shape.
    Hopefully a few upgrades to the drivetrain will satisfy my need for the duty this truck will see.

    I wasn't going to do much to it but drive it for the first year, but I already decided to renew the front brakes....it has an out of true rotor, and they were down to 1.480 or so, and minimum is 1.465, so new rotors/hubs/pads up front are going on, and gradually going to go to 16" rims as it has 16.5's now. I have 2 GM 16" dually rims that are at the stripper right now, and will paint them a matching color of a future paint plan, and get some decent rubber on them for the front. It has a nice set of 4 matching tires for the rear on 16.5's. I'll use them for the next year at least.

    So here is what I'm starting with, it may look familiar:


    I'll get a few more pics up in the next day or two...upcoming: brakes on the front, refurbbed front 16" wheels, and paint buffing.
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