76 K10 - It Anit mine

  • This truck belongs to a friend of mine, I've mentioned it a couple times in the lounge, but he asked me to make a thread for it, since he's to lazy to make one the 67-72 Forum, :doah:.

    I can't guarantee this will get updated all that often, but here goes.

    My friend's grandpa has had this truck sitting in his front yard since 97, when he parked it because the trans started slipping.
    A few months ago, he wanted to build a mud truck, so he asked his grandpa is he could get it, and he did! With only one catch, he wanted to keep the 350 in it, Even though it hadn't been started since 97. [​IMG]

    So mudfest came and went, without the truck being near running, so he decided to go ahead and get it on the road.

    Here's the current plans as far I know, they change every so often.

    -Finish the new body
    -Get the 454 from the Suburban for temporary mobility
    -Find all the saddle color interior pieces
    -Find wheels and tires, Specifically white spokes and Primewell PA-100's
    -Build his 4-6 inch lift (He absolutely refuses to buy one, doesn't trust them)
    -Buy the TBI 305 from a friend of ours, then figure out the do a fuel pump for a carb on a centerbolt engine
    -Find another fuel tank (absolutely no Blazer/Suburban tanks)
    -Paint it Oliver Green

    This truck was VERY, VERY, rusty, bad enough that he decided to get a whole new cab, the whole section under the seat was pretty well gone.
    So first we went and found a new cab and front clip from an 84 K10 for $100,

    Now he's got new rockers, cab corners, and floor in the new white cab, over the last few days we've been junkyard hopping for new doors and fenders, the white 84 doors and fenders were a little too rusty for his liking.

    Yours truly


    Yesterday we pulled the 350 out, and tomorrow we're going to pickup a bed.

    Hopefully I can post pictures of the new bed tomorrow.