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76 k5 build thread -- gaps suck


Hey guys im starting a build thread so i can get as much helpful info as i possibly can. i got the truck from my old man. so basically i scored it for free WOOT. buy the time i got it the front floors were gone due to salt water and the doors, quarters, fenders, tailgate, and hood was also shot. it already had a 4 inch lift witch i plan to upgrade the rear blocks to springs. its got a seized 350 4bbl. its got a spicer 12 bolt rear and Dana 44 10 bolt in the front . its got 33x12inch tires in 15 inch classic wagon wheels. this trucks been through the mill and im gonna bring it back to life. the first pick is when my dad had it that's the most complete Ive seen it in a long time. the second 1 is of me on my dads lap that's how long Ive known this truck the third pick is a shot of the undercarriage aka the missing floor pan. and the fourth pick i took 2day that's what im up to.


76 k5 :k5:

East Hamoton . Beach . BonFire 333.jpg

East Hamoton . Beach . BonFire 339.jpg

East Hamoton . Beach . BonFire 330.jpg

East Hamoton . Beach . BonFire 329.jpg

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