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77 K5 Dual Purpose 5.3, tons, etc - Rib Cage


Been working on this since October 2013, hope to be driving it later this year. Everything is pretty much just initial mockup right now

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So, I am still working on the 77 K5 but have been spending a lot more time lately on this 87 Dodge Raider that I picked up for . . . wait for it . . . $1,200! This thing is freaking awesome. These were only made/sold in the US from 87 to 90 and are really just rebadged first gen Mitsubishi Monteros. It has a 2.6L carbed 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual trans, manual shift 2:1 t-case, and 4.625 gears in the axles from the factory. This one is sitting on near new 32" Falken Wildpeak ATs wrapped...

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