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77 The Black Truck "Ratbag"


I`ve had this truck for 7 years...nothing special just a bunch of trucks made into one. Cost me almost nothing so far.

But i just made a deal with Rene over the weekend for his 454 that he has been storing at my place...things will Slowly get allot more interesting.

The first pic is how it looked when I got it for free from my neighbor.
The second is more or less how it looks now.

Plans are BB 64s 52s shackle flip 35s and Have fun!




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max 02
Me and my son Colby were on our first pheasant hunt with his dog Max, we were having a great time... I get a text from my mechanic want a free truck? This day just got even better! Not a build thread, more of a work log and place for me to put pics. It is a 77 k20 with 350/350/203 three 16.5s one ford 16. Trans slips, no brakes, rusty and dented to hell!

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