'79 K20 Minor Mods. 203 is out.

  • I am posting this to keep track of the of the things I have done as well as the things to do in the future. Also, everyone likes pictures.

    I bought this a few years ago from a friend who had it in his field. He bought it from another friend who found it in another field. It has sat for a while.

    I had a broken rear spring hanger and several broken leaves in each spring pack. Sadly I have no pictures of the 4" lift I added. It wasn't much to see anyway.

    Things I have done so far:

    4" lift
    New brakes and lines
    Fixed leaks
    Removed 45 ft. of excess wire leading to nothing
    Fixed shorts
    New pea shooter exhaust
    Replaced all rubber
    Headlight relay mod.
    Rebuilt carb

    41413 111.jpg

    41413 112.jpg

    41413 085.jpg

    41413 025.JPG