'82 Burb, "Red Rum"

  • Been looking for a 6.2 k20 for awhile, as the single cab D350 Cummins was getting a little tight with the boy growing up. Saw this one on craigslist as I was getting ready to head to Abilene, Texas to deliver the Cummins to its' new owner.
    After a 36 hour trip to Texas, leaving last Friday at noon and touching down at L.A.X. at 11:55pm Sat night, I jumped onto CL and the Burb was gone, deleted by poster.........
    I assumed it had been sold, so I started scouring CL again using adhuntr (it allows you to search all of CL, not just by city, comes in handy). after 4 days with no luck, the k20 popped back up, seller said the prospective buyer never showed up. A few texts later and I was on my way to check it out.

    It showed and looked just as described, so we struck a deal for 9 bills and I had her towed home (bad injection pump). I can't wait to get off work and start diagnosing her few problems.