82 K30 3+3 "Krusty" gets a new cab!

  • So I picked up another crew cab this week. Well I didn't but my buddy picked it up for me. I am still on deployment. Saw the CL add and just couldn't pass it up.

    1982 K30 crew. 350/TH400/205 Dana 60 and 14 bolt.

    Paint is rough, but body is straight except the tailgate and some surface rust. Lower trim level.

    I have no idea what to do with this truck. I bought it because it was cheap so I figured I would make a poll and see.

    1. Crew Cab short box, motor swap and just be a nice truck to drive.
    2. Make it a wheeler. Sell the engine/trans/case and axles to fund a new build. Boatsides, full cage, maybe a cab exo, tube bed and eventually swap the Blazer drivetrain into it.
    3. Lift it clean it up and sell it for a profit.
    4. Part it out.