83 Blazer Build

  • finally getting enough stuff done to warrant a build thread i guess. will post pics of what all i have done so far which includes 56" springs front/back, ORD 4" shackle flip in back with diy4x 6" shackles. front is diy4x weld on hangar and fush mount with 7.25" shackles. custom welded hoop shock mounts in front with bilstein 5125s 4" up-travel-10" down. 14bff in back open right now, and d44 in front open also. 4:10 gears in both. Crossover Steer from skys ORD. Built 454 with a th400-203 case. 35" les schwab tires untill i can afford the H1s/37's. think thats about it now.


    Will add more pics of engine etc soon.