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83 gmc jimmy 6.2, mild restoration


so I just picked up this new to me diesel jimmy a few weeks ago, she wasn't running and I ended up paying 700 bucks for it because I was afraid a separate buyer was going to steal it before I got to it. So I ended up getting it running in about an hour, I had done a lot of research before buying and figured it had to be a bad fuel shut off solenoid, I ended up pulling off the cover to the ip and found a spring that had slipped off the governor linkage and was blocking the movement, once I pulled out the spring and put the cover on she started no problem. Now come to find out the original owner had to replace the small spring that sits in front of the long governor spring. ( idle spring ?) because it randomly disappeared, he put a longer weaker spring in and made it work. Come to find out the little spring I found was the original. I lost it and upon realizing what it was I made my way to a junkyard and pulled one off of an old 7.3 with the db2 ip. Now when I first started it with the makeshift spring the idle was terrible it acted like it had a stall converter, so I pulled it out, I had to tighten the governor spring to give me enough space to slip it off and install the original, then I loosened the spring to what I though was the original gap, the idle is a little better but seems to low, when I give it a little gas it evens out, I'm trying to find out what the stock adjustment is but I'm not having any luck, also my truck won't start unless I use the glow plugs, even though it's almost 90 out most days, my truck has manual glow plug switch and starter switch. I also changed all the glow plugs to the ac Delco 60g, It had the stock wellman plugs in it, I should also mention the truck only has 54k on it and I live in upstate ny in the Adirondack mountains


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