83 K10 aka "Brown Truck"

  • I bought this 83 K10 a few (9 or 10) years back and it has sat a good bit since that time with me being overseas for Uncle Sam. I retired from the military a few years back and been working on this one secretly the past year or so, so I figured I would show off some work.

    Some pics are old as they were taken when I bought it and on the short vacations we took back to the states. I will update over the next few days as I find pictures on old external hard drives and post them up. I will try my best to keep them in sequential order.

    This is the day I picked it up from one of my Motor Transport Marines at Camp Lejeune. Picked it up for a few hundred bucks as it needed a new head gasket. Tim (gotlabs) helped me load it on the trailer and I hauled it away.
    K10-2.jpg K10-1.jpg