83 k10 shorty - rust repair

  • I picked up this 84 on Tuesday. Drove it home 85 miles. It runs decent and supposedly the trans and t case were rebuilt "recently". It's all original, dash clock and original radio still work. Plans originally were to do kind of a quick flip and sell. We will see. I'm kinda already digging the truck. First thing I'm doing is bodywork, fixing the rust and sanding her down to be painted the original navy blue color. It needs both cab corners and a driver side rear wheelhouse, passenger rear corner of the fender and a passenger front fender. Interior wise it will need a dash and carpet. Also want to fix the oil leaks from the motor. Here she is the day I brought her home.

    And here is after a couple days of sanding and sandblasting out bondo. Over all it's pretty solid. To my surprise the rockers are useable.

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