83' K5 The Norwegian Crawler

  • Hello from Norway! I am new to this forum and wants to show you my build. My grammar will probably make some funny moments, but I give it a try!
    It is a 83' converted to full convertible. The windshield frame is from a 73', the doors are chopped and so on. It got a low milage 6.2d from a newer Suburban with a TH400.
    I bought the truck a year ago with a fresh paint job and new interior for just 6000 dollars! I dont know about the pricing in the us, but thats a bargain over here.




    And like every car I have ever owned, it took just a few months before I started modifing it....
    Everything in the suspention was sloppy, so I started planing the project.
    I ordered:
    -Tuff country 6" lift springs in the front
    -Shackle flip and lift blocks in the rear.
    -Tuff country shocks
    -Steel braided brake lines
    -Swaybar disconection kit
    -Steering steering stabilizers
    -14 bolt G80 SF axle in the rear, 10 bolt in the front with 4.56 gears. 8 lug
    -38.5x14.5R16 Maxxis tires with 10" wide steel rims
    -Pacer flexiflares
    -T-max winch
    -Bug shield
    -External oil cooler for the transmission
    -Hyline bonnet vents
    I also stripped the frame to bare metal and repainted it. Took the tank down and everything.




    There will be much more done to the truck this winter, the "to do" list is long.... Just right now, I am waiting for a twin snorkel kit, turbo and a sun visor for the windshield.

    Looking forward to feedback, both positive and negative, to make this project even better!
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