'84 K20 Patty's Big Block K20 Build-up

  • I bought this truck for my awesome girlfriend Patty ,

    its a '84 C-10 on a '78 K20 frame with '75 K20 axles. it has a Full roller 12.5 to 1 396 with ported LS5 454 heads
    a TH400 with 3200 stall and a NP208. It has 4" suspension lift and 3"BL

    Plans are :

    Body and Paint ( with sweet lund visor!!!)
    40 Blazer tank
    Fuel Injection ( Fast or Holley pro-jection)
    New Interior ( changed from red to black)
    Dana 60 with ARB and 5.13's ( from my buggy project) with 35 spline outers
    14 Bolt with Detroit and 5.13's ( also from my buggy project)
    Zero rates front and rear
    DIY shackle flip
    DIY motor mounts
    Poly T-case mounts
    DIY rear disc
    DIY bumpers ( or Autokrafters)
    12,000 lbs Warn
    Dual batteries
    42" TSL's on Beadlocks
    41" Ag-tires
    Rock sliders
    Matching camper shell
    On-board Air
    Light force lights
    Tool box/fuel tank combo

    Build will be progress will be slow until she moves back up to AK but I'll post when I have new stuff

    and now Picture Whoring time!!