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84 K5 Camping/Crawling Rig



Figured I would start my first build thread.

This is an 84 K5 Silverado that I picked up from my father who purchased it from a customer. Purchased for $450 (Dad deal). Someone converted her to TBI, but she also has a stock 700r4. She's an absolute rust bucket, but the drivetrain and frame are solid, so I'm building her into a rig mainly for camping and wheeling.

The rust repair certainly isn't professional nor am I trying to restore this. I have a 5-year lease on the body before the Earth decides to reclaim the sheet metal. Then I'll be searching Arizona for a rust-free body.

Overall plan:
14-bolt rear, Dana 44 front, 4.11 gears, Youkon rear locker, NP241c swap with SYE, Diy4x B52 kit with 54" springs, ORD rear shackle flip, anything that makes it a great camping rig.

The day I got her home.
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TBI 350 with about 180kmi.
View media item 26560
Rocker rust
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More rust
View media item 26562
I HATE door speakers
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Interior shot
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Comparing her to my 84 K10 (amazing how close they are in height with such a difference in tire size)
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Starting to tear her apart
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Measuring for lift and new tires
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So...I figured it was about time I post something about my other project. 1984 K10. Purchased October 10th, 2002 for $2,000. I was 14 and this was my first car. Saved up for this since elementary school. When purchased: 350 Checker Auto smog crate engine SM465/NP208 10 bolt front, 12 bolt rear (6 lug) 3.73 33x12.50r15 Mostly stock, nearly 200k miles. Bent frame (wrecked twice, I know all the previous owners). Now: ZZ4 Crate Engine 14 bSF rear, 10 bolt 8-lug front, 4.11 Whole new interior...

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