84 K5: The Buzzard

  • edit: I bought the truck the following weekend, but due to weather (and threats to my health if I got Dad's Silverado out in the salt/slush) it has been sitting on the trailer next to the house for 3 weeks.

    The initial plans are get a budget 350 built for it to get it moving under its own power, patch the few bad places in the body, strip the interior/line floorboards, and swap in the 10B/12B combo with 3.42 gears from the K15 I tore down. After that's going, I'm going to start work on another 10B/12B set I have, getting them ready to go in this fall with ~4" of lift via 52"/56" swap and other things.

    EDIT: I know I have not done much to it yet, but I thought I'd add a little organization to the thread.

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