'84 m1009 cucv build

  • I scored this this 84 cucv of ebay last September in completely stock condition.
    Started working on it almost immediately,I had a set of Tuff Country 4'' ez ride springs setting in the garage before I picked the truck up.
    Here she is the day I bought her home.
    [​IMG] 33'' MT baja MTZ off my k10
    [​IMG]Said k10 rollin on 35'' dick crushers
    [​IMG]Tinted the windows,10% in the back,20 on the front
    [​IMG][​IMG]My 78 k10,84 m1009 and my brothers 86 m1008
    [​IMG]The multicolored camo that was on it kinda looked like crap so I sprayed solid olive drab

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