84 suburban, the land yacht

  • So I picked this burb up last year freshened it up got it running good and drove it. Motor and tranny run great as of now compression is good, I may upgrade later down the road but as of now it works so recently I decided to start cutting the rust out and replacing it. Once I finish up with replacing all the rusted areas I plan on getting the body work done( to the best of my ability, haven't done a alot of body work) then paint it. From there I'll start working on changing out the front and rear to probobly a 12 bolt front and 60 rear, and regear or better yet buy with the gearing I need already installed. Change out front and back bumper eventually not sure what I want I'll mess around with mocking up a template until I come up with something I like.

    End result is something that I can take the kids out camping in, and I can drive the three hours out to the coast here a few times a year and surf fish.
    I've never done a build thread on any of the trucks I've had, figured this one would be a good start. It'll be nice to look back and see where it started. I will try to keep this thing on a straight track but I am awful for that, I'll get on a left field tangent in a second. For instance one night last week the plan was to cut out the rear wheel wells, next thing I know I've pulled the dash out and working on refinishing it...well anyways here is where I am at up to this point I'll try to be sure to keep this updated regularly.
  • Year:
    Suburban k10
    Trim Level:
    Factory Options:
    Rear ac!
    350 4 bolt roller motor
    Transfer Case:
    6" lift easy ride front springs, add a leaf and block in rear 52", changing rears to 4" 56s and ord shackles here soon
    10 and 12 bolt, soon to be scrapped