84'K5 TBI'd on Tons

  • I recently decided to give on my ol 89 K5. Was a great truck i built from nothing. I wasnt happy with the auto and built 14bff/D44 i had in it. I always dreamed of bigger better and a real mans transmission. I knew my pockets didnt go that deep and she was a rusty ol pile from floors to quarters. So i sold it..

    A week later i made a trip up to Colorado and picked up my new rig for exactly what i got out of mine.
    Not usually the guy to buy a already built vehicle but i couldnt say no to letting someone else eat the cost of what was put in this blazer

    On the to the K5...
    1984 K5 blazer
    383c.i Summit Crate motor 6k miles/Warrenty and a $2500 reciept
    Edelbrock Preformer Intake
    Vortec heads
    Holly Advenger Carb
    Hooker longtubes
    330HP/380Ft/lbs torque form dyno sheet (Motor)

    Mech. Sm465
    New Clutch/flywheel
    205 Transfer case with ORD twin sticks
    Dana60 Front 4.56s/Lockright
    ORD Crossover steer
    Hydro (Redneck) Ram Assist Steering
    14bolt FF rear 4.56s Detroit Locker
    40/17/15 Ground Hawgs

    4" front Lift Springs
    ORD shackle Flip rear (Needs HD Shackles)
    Rancho Shocks

    This truck came ready to hit the trails. Stacks of extra parts, and survival gear of all kind.
    High lift Jack
    Tow straps
    Boots, Rain coat
    5LB Bottle of Nitrogen
    Power inverter wired in truck
    Many tools! Many Spare parts! And so much more :woot:

    On to some pictures, there and many appearance things i will change asap. This is such a fun and solid truck to drive. Would have taken me years and a fortune of funds to build anything like it! Beings i bought it built up, Ill have more funds to upgrade what i have and feel the worth of it not going to waste.

    Hauled in back to Lincoln NE, from Colorado Springs/CO

    Went out and took a couple poser shots with Mike
    Motor will get a good detail tom.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]