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'85 K10 Project "Yellow Truck"

  • I guess with the east coast meet coming up in June I need to get my truck in order. So I figured it was time to start a build thread.
    Bought the truck back in '98 when I moved to Kentucky, have owned a few 2wd but no 4wd people wanted crazy money for them in Michigan. Truck was my daily driver for a few years. Did some small offroad stuff nothing really crazy or stupid.
    Then on my way to work on day this happened:
    Luckliy no one was hurt. Tow truck flipped over my truck and it fired right up. I tried to drive it home but the cops said that was not going to happen. :dunno:

    So it got torn apart and replaced to front end and the cab. The bed was still good.
    While it was apart I decided to find out why the motor smoked so bad. It turned out a motor I got off a buddy he claimed it was great. Nope it seems to that someone bored out the cylinders and put the stock pistons back in it. :screwy: I took it to the machine shop to have them check the block over and they were surprised the motor even ran. Another lesson in don't believe what someone says.
    If I would have only know back then what I know now I would have replaced the cab I would just have chopped off the top made some kind of makeshift windshield and ran the thing.
    This was also my first time at painting cars so I really didn't care on body work but it did turn out fairly good.