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85 K30 Build (Out of Junk Yard)


I actually stumbled upon this at a junkyard within two weeks of its arrival there. I looked at the frame and it was exceptionally clean. The glovebox still had the receipt from Auto-Armor from August of 1985. It was bascially complete minus wheels/tires, fuel tank and tailgate. I wasn't looking for another project but being a K30, fairly complete and clean for year, I had to grab it. The front fenders were sold between the time I negotiated a deal and took delivery. Once I got a chance to study it, I determined the reason it was junked, number one or two rod sticking out of pan on drivers side. So many small things wrong with truck. It was used and abused and nothing properly fixed.

  • Right front locking hub was siezed from corrosion between cap and dial.
  • Plastic bushing on transfer case link gone so shifter was free-wheelin.
  • One Rear U-Bolt per side was literally broken and sticking out because of rust caused by accumulation in spring clamp plates. It's amazing that this took a sticker just weeks prior to my purchase.
  • Motor had been apart. Idiots working on had vacuum lines all messed up. I don't think it had working vacuum advance as a result.
  • Hydroboost hose from PS pump was recent replacement, although, the line installed was the booster to box line. The fittings work although looked very odd with the large hose arc in the engine bay.
  • No interior lights worked.
  • Ignition key was broken off in tumbler.
  • LH mirror is welded on.
  • One tranny line was cut and spliced with rubber hose.
  • LH tailpipe missing.
  • EFE (Heat riser valve) rotted off and dangling by vacuum hose.
  • Metal vent elbow physically pulled out of front Dana 60, hanging by hose.
  • I believe rear brakes were inoperable and only fronts worked.
  • LH AIR manifold gone and belt pulled.
  • Horrible previous bodywork and aftermarket panels.
  • Grille destroyed
  • Battery gone, cables cut.
  • The junkyard sawed off the LH tank and bent the rear driveshaft.
The list goes on.

Since then:
  • Fixed most of the above issues.
  • Replaced motor with $200 1984 junkyard motor.
  • Cleaned and painted motor, replaced valve seals, replaced camshaft and timing set with those from blown motor, new pan.
  • Swapped over all 1985 components.
  • Cleaned and repainted almost everything.
  • Air needle descaled rear of frame, painted wth Chassis Saver.
  • Removed, wire brushed, anti-siezed every rear chassis/suspension bolt.
  • Added dual tank option, have dual tank bed to put on.
  • Added cargo lamp option
  • Added spare tire option.
Truck is now up and running, runs great. Still have yet to do brakes so fortunately ebrake cables are free and I can stop it while driving very carefully in yard.

Will be adding factory auxiliary rear leaf option (have parts).
Will add receiver hitch.
Will complete plow setup.
Put on road.
May add power locks, Silverado interior trim, stereo, auxiliary battery.

Here's the link to my wants to help complete this project in case in case anyone can help out:






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