85 K30/M1028 Just some simple stuff

  • Finally got a decent truck to start with. 6.2 runs well ,previous owner had changed glow plugs/relay . Put a dash pad in it. I changed it to straight 12volt. Added electric fuel pump,switched stock filter out for a spin on. Added a 4 inch lift by using ORD shackle flip in rear,their custom springs in front. Did crossover steering also. Still going to get steering box brace, motor/trans mounts,engine crossmember done in near future. Also have rear disc conversion on hand,just going to wait till rears wear out or break,never had parking brakes that worked before,these do. Not much of a build.
    What I started with. 101_1020.JPG
    Where I am today.
    The wheels are from Trailworthy Fab.
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