85 K5 Slow Brew

  • This is my 85 Blazer that I'm going to be slowly transforming into an overland/medium duty wheeler type rig. I'm not new to the Blazer platform as I used to own a rough 77 that was the family camping and off road rig that was a big part of my kids life when the were growing up(my son came home from the hospital in it) I modified it with the parts available at the time which by today's standard leaves a lot to desire. As my vehicle needs changed it was put out to pasture and eventually sold minus it's engine(that's getting some new parts for my other project). Fast forward to a couple years ago my wife and I were talking about vehicles we had in the past and she expresses interest in getting another Blazer based on her memories we had with the kids in the old 77. So between my other project, a 71 Monte Carlo, and starting a new job 3 years ago it took a bit to get another one. This build is going to take some time as my other project takes priority as it's further along and closer to being finished.
    Currently the 85 specs out as follows:
    Engine.....350 Chevy of unknown specs
    Transfer case..... NP203
    Front axle.....3/4 ton 10 bolt unknown ratio
    Rear axle.....3/4 ton 14 bolt FF unknown ratio
    Suspension.....4" all spring lift unknown mfg
    Shocks.....Rancho RS5000
    Steering..... lift corrected stock
    Brakes.....stock disc/drum
    Tires.....315/75/16 Maxxis Buckshots
    Wheels.....16x8 Ultra Daytona

    Future plans call for
    Engine.....6.0 LQ4/LQ9
    Trans.....NV4500 or TR4050, 4L80e if I stay with an automatic
    Transfer case..... Not sure yet but the 203 will be going
    Front axle.....Dana 60 with 4.88 and ARB
    Rear axle.....14 bolt with 4.88 and Detroit Locker
    Suspension.....6" all spring lift with ORD parts
    Steering.....crossover possibly with hydraulic assist
    Brakes.....upgrade fronts and rear disc conversion and hydroboost
    Tires..... 37/12.50/17
    Wheels.....17x10(not sure what yet)
    Interior.....Mastercraft seats, Cage, Fix and restore front to rear
    Armor..... tube bumpers front and rear with rock sliders
    Winch..... Warn 12000

    This is just what I can think of. I'm going to start keeping a notebook in the console to write down. I will be doing body work and plan on a 30' paint job in my favorite off road racing livery design
  • Year:
    Worn stock
    Factory Options:
    A/C, Power door locks, power windows
    Transfer Case:
    4" unknown all spring lift with Ranch RS5000 shocks
    Corp 10 bolt front 8 lug, 14 bolt 10.5 ff. Unknown ratios
    Ultra Daytona 16x8
    Well worn Maxxis Buckshot in 315/75/16
    Worn factory Red and white