86 K10-Orion

  • Finally have enough motivation to start a build on this one. Actual work started on this a little while ago. Wasn't looking for another project, but this deal fell into my lap and it was too good to pass up. Name comes from the guy I got it from. I've know him for about 18 years. He's always stuttered and had trouble speaking. My name always came out Orion (real name is Ryan)...and it's a badass Metallica song.

    Truck is an 86 K10 short box. 350/350/203. 10/12bolts. But none of that is going to stay. Body is real clean, new fenders, GM doors, box sides and nice 2wd cab, everything has been hit with primer and is in body work stage (how I picked it up). Truck was hit on passenger side and rolled over, reason for the new sheet metal and 2wd cab. The frame is tweaked on the passenger side front, but came with a parts truck that I pulled a good section out of.

    Plans are to jump on the LS bandwagon and make a nice driver. Something I can drive everyday but also take up north or out in to the trails.

    Things I have already or have on there way:

    5.3 Lm7. Getting a cam upgrade and whatever else it needs while I have it open. I actually have two to chose from, one DBC and one DBW. I plan to use the DBW setup.
    4L60e. At transmission shop getting rebuilt currently. Getting everything thrown at it. Guy knew exactly what I was doing and how to handle it.
    Vss 241. Thanks to @Capt Ron I have a nice transfer case for this. Looked forever around here for one. They have either all been crushed or wanted way too much money it was cheaper for me to get one on the other side of the country.
    31 gallon K5 tank. At some point the gas tank got squished. Looks like they tried jacking the truck up from the tank (or hoist arm). New sending unit and pump for the LS
    Fuse block to assist in trimming down the factory 5.3 harness. Might not need it, but I have it and will use it if I feel like it will be a cleaner install.
    Diy4x motor mounts. There are no shortage of mounts out there to put an LS into pretty much anything it's easy to get confused by them all. I went Diy4x to support a board member and have used his stuff in the past with great results.
    D60/14 May or may not end up in this. Would be overkill for what I'm doing, but wouldn't have to worry about them ever. Only planning on a 35" tire (or metric equivalent). They have 4.88's already and are supposed to have spools. I'd swap those out for lockers or open to keep the street manners.

    Things I need to buy/decide on yet:

    Chassis wiring. Truck was pretty well stripped down for paint and is missing some of the wiring. I may end up tossing an EZ Wiring harness at it. Just to simplify things.
    Exhaust. I know how I want to run the exhaust, undecided on Hooker swap manifolds or headers.
    Fuel system. Mainly the plumbing parts. Should be easy to sort this out.
    Ac Probably go aftermarket on this. I used to not care about AC...not so much anymore.

    Things that are worn out or need to be replaced will as I come across them or reassemble. Stuff like body mounts, brake lines etc... I'm not going overboard. Factory stock or minor improvement is what I'm after here. I've got my 70 Jimmy project that gets all the fancy parts. If the upgraded parts don't cost that much more than OEM quality, then I can justify the price. I'm not going to "just throw it together" but I'm also not going for restoration quality either (again, have the Jimmy for that). I have every intention on having this running/driving by my birthday in October.

    Pics in next post.
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