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'86 K30 Crew Cab Build


I am going to start a thread for my truck build on here.

I've been a member on the board for a long time, but don't post much. I enjoy seeing all the other truck builds going, so maybe someone will get something out of mine. I use the truck to haul dirt, get firewood, go to the dump, haul kids and camping gear, and explore mountain trails in the area. All my mods are pretty much aimed at making it more useful for those types of things.

I bought this truck from a guy on the board way back in'09 I think. I hopped on a plane to NM and drove it home to SE Idaho. It was a fun adventure. The truck started out as a Wyoming highway department vehicle. It is pretty clean, no rust to speak, a few dents and dings, and a little trail rash. Some came with it, some I have accumulated during my expeditions with the truck.

My truck has a fresh 350, SM465/NP205, D60/14B with 4.10 gears. I drove it around stock for 6-7 months then lifted it 4" (springs front and block in rear) and put a set of 35" tires on. The original front springs were done for. The Upper shackle bushings were totally gone and the brackets were worn almost completely through. I replaced those with some parts from ORD and did a crossover steering conversion. It was amazing how much nicer the truck rode with the new suspension.

I found a good deal on a set of 37" 90% military Goodyear MTR's last year and that is currently what I am running. I really like the tires. Been driving it like this for a long time now and am ready to make a few more improvements.

Current Plans for the truck:
Front Bumper (I built the rear last year out of some 3x6 tubing). Front bumper still working on how I want to build it. I will be adding a winch at the same time.
Replace the rockers with 3x3 tube just like MrK5 did to his crew.
Bump Stops
Lockers front and back. I'd love to go ARB or other selectable front and rear. We will see if I can find a deal.
E-Brake, I have DIY4x brackets and rear discs which are great, but having no e-brake and a manual trans has brought the suck many times. Not sure how I want to go after this yet. Open to suggestions.
Shackle Flip the rear and ditch the block.
Bob the bed and rear frame 6-9" when I do the flip.
Contemplating building a roof rack to hold my spare/hi-lift/shovel/axe/etc.
TBI swap maybe, but it runs really good with the Holley carb that is on it.
Would love to do an 8.1 swap and an NV4500 in this someday.

So pretty tame compared to lots of rigs on here. Hoping to finish this up and get another K5 to build as a more serious toy. I'll attach a few pics that I have and keep a few updates going on this as I go along. Maybe this thread can keep me making progress on the truck.


Trim Level
Custom Deluxe
Factory Options
Plane Jane, manual everything
Transfer Case
D60 / 14Bolt
16.5" Aluminum
37" Military MTR's
Tired old Nevada Gold

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