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86 K5 -"Jacob's monster truck" with a Cummins swap


Well I guess since everyone else has a build thread I might as well too. :D

I have owned K5's for the last 18 years on and off (my 2nd car was an 83) and they are by far my favorite vehicle of all time. Last fall I decided I wanted to build another one and this time do it right , the way I always wanted to. I am pretty much doing this one by myself and from the ground up, I keep finding myself saying "if I'm going to do that, I might as well do this too."

I have a 2 1/2 year old son, Jacob, and he is already convinced that this is HIS truck :D , hence the title "Jacob's monster truck". This will be "our toy" once it's done and since I plan on keeping this one, I will one day give it to him.

Allright enough history , on to some pics!



This was the truck the day I brought it home, I have been dealing with rusty K5's all my life, so this was not a local truck :D.

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So......a few of you guys have liked the pics I've posted and asked about a build thread :D Quick backstory :D My Dad has owned this rig for some time now, 10-12 years maybe, and has never driven it, in it's somewhat current form it is actually 2 different wagons. A good friend of his, Jim, left him a 1962 when he passed away, it was completely original with only 8500 miles on the ticker. Unfortunately it had spent it's life pushing snow and then 25+years sitting in a field next to a shed...
So as if I need another project here I am again :doah: :D Back story of how I got here ; I sold my 00 Cummins that was my DD, work, towrig, plow , do it all truck and bought a 2011 Cummins :woot: , which I love, however, I have become spoiled from having the plow when it snows. I dont plow comercially, just my house and a few others (mostly family). I looked into putting it on the new ride, but at just under $1000 for the mount, and the possibility of sliding the brand new crew cab into a...

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