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86 K5, The truck with no name


Guess since real progress is happening it deserves a build.

It's 86 K5 with no options that my dad bought in 2011, he passed away later that year and I've had it since, though I never really got around to much with it (Due mostly to personal reasons I only saw last year)

When I got ahold of it, it had a 2bbl 305 and a TH400, it ran like a sewing machine but It literally couldn't spin bald 31s on wet grass. Three years ago we tossed an old 4 bolt main crate 350 with an edelbrock performer and shitty holley carb in it, then it ran like a raped ape for exactly 2 hours, before it spun a main. After that it sat in my buddy's back yard until last fall.

Since then I bought a 99 half ton Chevy from a friend to use purely as a toy.
I broke the frame almost immediately lol, but that truck ran really, really good, that 5.3 needed to live on, so it was decided to put it in my old Blazer.

We tore the 5.3 out of the red truck, washed the mud off, slapped a Texas speed 216/220 stage 3 low lift truck cam and a set GM performance LS6 springs.

As it sits now the 5.3 bolted in, using a pair of the dirty dingo adjustable mounts, and a jegs flexplate spacer using a 2700 stall vega converter and the TH400 that it already had.

I bought the frame of a 78 K20 to rob the axles from, but so far it's still sitting in the weeds.

It's also got a black fender and a blue hood, since the old ones were full of bondo.

I'll get more pictures when I get home.


K5 Blazer
Trim Level
Custom Deluxe
Blue vinyl
Factory Options
Tilt column, and I'm not sure it's even factory
LM7 5.3, Texas speed 216/220 .550 cam
Transfer Case

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The Griff
This truck belongs to a friend of mine, I've mentioned it a couple times in the lounge, but he asked me to make a thread for it, since he's to lazy to make one the 67-72 Forum, :doah:. I can't guarantee this will get updated all that often, but here goes. My friend's grandpa has had this truck sitting in his front yard since 97, when he parked it because the trans started slipping. A few months ago, he wanted to build a mud truck, so he asked his grandpa is he could get it, and he did...

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