'87 S10 on K5 frame. 44's/tons/LSswap.

  • This was my high school truck that my dad and I built and I drove my senior year. The truck has seen its fair share of abuse. After high school I stripped it of its good parts for my Jimmy build, and it sat for a bit. My dad decided he was going to resurrect it and join my brother and I on the trail. 4 years ago we decided we were going to dive in and start what we thought was a decent winter build.

    The goal was to get it running and driving then start working out bugs and finishing the build.

    Well, we worked a long weekend over thanksgiving and lost all momentum.....

    Then my dad and brother started their own lawn and landscape business and this project got put way back on the priority list.

    So now that my dad is sick of riding shotgun on the trails, he has decided to let my buddy and I dive in. My dad is paying my buddy to do a lot of the work, but there is too much sentimental value in this truck for me not to help with it.
  • Year:
    S10 body K5 frame
    Trim Level:
    Yes, trimming lol
    Racing buckets and anything race related.
    LS5.3 with a tune and headers
    Stock TH400 with reverse manual valve body
    Transfer Case:
    Stock 205
    PSC full hydro
    52/64 springs Bilstien shocks. Anti-wrap bar.
    60/14 locked with 5.13 gears
    15" MRW beadlocks
    44" TSL's
    Bed liner urban camo
    Jazz fuel cell and bed mounted radiator/e-fans