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'87 V20 Build


Bought this truck on new years day. Been looking around here and there for something cheap to pop up and saw this. It's pretty rough, so I'm having a hard time trying to like it after the K10.

According do the stupid kid that had it before me that "was gunna turn it into a mud truck". Someone before him broke the rear axle that must've been a 14 bolt semi floater I'm guessing. So now it has a 3:42 10 bolt up front and a 4:10 14BFF in the rear, allegedly.

The only reason I bought this particular truck is cause it's a 4 speed with a factory hydro clutch and it was cheap. I still hate carburetors.

1985 K20 Scottsdale
350 carb :(
SM465 Hydro clutch :)
3:42 front 10 bolt
4:10 14bff
Factory A/C

It was a mess inside and out when I got it.




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I was going to wait to make this build thread till the K5 was in my possession, but I’m extremely bored at work right now so here we go. Hinze found this on a FB group within minutes of being posted with a guy wanting to know how much it’s worth. I quickly messaged him until we had a deal. He bought it 3 years ago from a guy in Sacramento, CA, where I assume it has spent most of its life. It’s now in Western Nevada about to be picked up by transport to bring it to me in Nebraska.
As some of you know, I’ve been searching for a cleanish K5 to daily/play with. This is not easy to do, especially in Nebraska. I was at work this past Friday when I came across this ‘88 k5 in Lakewood, Colorado. Got a wild hair up my arse and got up early Sunday morning to make the drive from Lincoln. It ended up following me home. That was a long day. It’s a 1988 k5 Base model 350tbi 4 speed. The 4 speed is the main reason I bought it, obviously. It looked really nice in the ad and like...
I plan on doing a fair amount of work to this thing so I decided to post up a build thread. It may not happen very quickly, but it will happen. Here is a pic of when I went down to KC, MO and picked up my 1978 Chevrolet SWB K10. It is equipped with a SM465 4 speed, part time 4wd t-case 205, Factory G80 locking diff with 3:40 ratio gears, and manual locking hubs. It has an old 350ci with some kind of crappy headers, Flowmaster mufflers, and an Edelbrock intake. It also came with a...

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