'87 V20 Build

  • Bought this truck on new years day. Been looking around here and there for something cheap to pop up and saw this. It's pretty rough, so I'm having a hard time trying to like it after the K10.

    According do the stupid kid that had it before me that "was gunna turn it into a mud truck". Someone before him broke the rear axle that must've been a 14 bolt semi floater I'm guessing. So now it has a 3:42 10 bolt up front and a 4:10 14BFF in the rear, allegedly.

    The only reason I bought this particular truck is cause it's a 4 speed with a factory hydro clutch and it was cheap. I still hate carburetors.

    1985 K20 Scottsdale
    350 carb :(
    SM465 Hydro clutch :)
    3:42 front 10 bolt
    4:10 14bff
    Factory A/C

    It was a mess inside and out when I got it.