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87K506 Build thread


This thread is pretty old. Most of whats been done is on the last few pages ...check there for the updates since i asked a lot of newb questions in the beginning. This thread also documents my progression from newb to being able to do most anything on a vehicle/build most anything. I laugh alot reading the first couple of pages :haha:

Ok, to keep from making multiple threads asking questions. i'm going to start this thread to so i can ask all my questions in it. I might change it to a build thread in mid-may, but who knows by then. anyways....

Question 1: How hard is it to install windshield and side glass in the hardtop? The glass in the hard top is a solid piece, no sliding window.

Question 2. Its an 87 with stock TBI 350. Any problems other than inspection if i get rid of the cats? Check engine light or such? The plan is to do dual exhaust with headers, and eliminate the cat(s). I assume the ECM can deal with simple bolt on mods like headers, tb spacer, and all with no problem.

Question 3. Bleeding brakes on k5? Hard or no? Me and a friend bled his clutch on his 02 Z28, but as far as bleeding brakes I have not the faintest idea. I will need to bleed the brakes and all, so my plan was to drop the axles completely out of it, have the rotors turned, and repaint the axles, slap them back in, and bleed the system. Is there any guide or something similiar to doing it on a k5?

I think thats it. I'm sure ill post up more as i think of them.


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