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'88 K5 - Running Down A Dream

Ground up restoration of my '88 K5. The plan is to go through every inch of the truck and fix or replace pretty much everything that needs it. This will also be a full vert conversion and I plan to make the vehicle look more like a 73-75 than 88.


Passenger side 1.jpg I have grown up around these trucks, well at least one '79 GMC Jimmy my dad bought new in 1978. We still own this truck and I drove/worked on it all through high school and some of college. It's where my handle name comes from. I would love to redo it, but it is an absolute rust bucket, plus I have always wanted a full convertible and my dad is never gonna go for me hacking that one into pieces. So... I bought my own K5. I have been saving and looking for the past 7 years and have held off because of a lack of a place to put a truck mostly. Well, we have a very nice shop now and I found this virtually rust free K5 on Facebook of all places. So here we are. To make this more exciting (at least for me), I started buying some of the harder to find parts last fall (2019). I wound up with two full tops (sold one), two windshield frames (one is very rusty), two sets of doors (all are toast but have the hardware), and several other odds and ends. I passed on a free roll bar out of '74, which I am still sick over. I don't why I didn't take it. I'm dumb. I got laughed at some for buying parts and not owning a Blazer or Jimmy of my own but I new I'd find one so I didn't worry about it. Plus, I sold a lot of the parts I didn't need that came in package deals I found which funded the Blazer I bought. Overall, the build plan is simple and probably not original to some degree, but it's on my own Blazer which means a lot to me after waiting so long. I intend to start from the ground up and completely restore this truck. I expect it to take me several years. My money for the build comes from side jobs and from woodworking. I build furniture on the side in the other half of my shop. I teach college in the fall and spring so I have a pile of time to work on the truck in the summer to tackle big projects. Once the truck is completed, it should look like like 73-75. The only way a person will be able to tell it's not will be by looking at the floor. I plan on putting a mild built 350 in it with a Holley Sniper or Fitech injection and keeping the 700r4 but having it rebuilt. I plan on keeping but rebuilding my NP208. I don't plan on doing any wheeling in this truck. I've tore up enough stuff on the '79 mudding to know better. I am hoping at some point I can get this truck to daily driver status.


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