'89 Blazer LS swapped DD/Adventure Rig

  • Well I want a place to document my Blazer's progression so I'll have something to look back at. So, here we go.

    Started in January of 2013. Drove to Guntersville Al. to pick her up.

    1989 V10 Blazer Silverado
    TBI 5.7
    4.10 gears, lunch box locker in rear
    33" firestone destination a/t
    160k miles

    Bone stock (pics seller provided)
    $4500 later, she was mine.[​IMG] thanks to the bro inlaw for the tow rig. (Ferd...)

    First thing I did was swap out the cap windows (bc I have a thing for solid winders) [​IMG]

    Roughly a year later it got a 4" lift
    4" tuff country EZ ride front springs +ez inch
    Diy4x shackle flip
    Cheapo lift shocks
    Extended brake lines yadda yadda


    Random pics at that stage



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