'89 Burb 9 Lives

  • '89 Suburban I bought for my wife as a daily driver 14 years ago. Rebuilt, died and rebuilding again.

    Originally a v1500 half ton. Swapped out the factory 10 bolts with 3.73 with a set of 3/4tons. 10bolt front with 4.10 gears and 14BFF limited slip and 4.10 gears.

    Lift I believe are 2.5 ranchos up front, picked them up used. In the back the sagging 1/2ton springs were replaced with a set of 56in 3/4ton springs with a block. The used springs were installed with new ORD greaseable bushings and ORD shackles on the front.

    Wheels are tires are 16x8s with Cooper 285/70R16s.

    Currently she's running on her 2nd replacement 350. The original 350 spun a bearing at 180k. The craiglist replacement motor wasn't a low miles like it was advertised and it spun a bearing after 2 years. It was pulled and had a fresh stock rebuild done on it.

    Less than 2 years on the fresh long block it died one day and would not run. After tearing through the engine mutliple times over a few years with no fire. I was about at my wit's end and ready to unload it. Finally a off the wall suggestion about a collapsed factory ypipe. Low behold I unhooked the collectors and little tweaking and she fired up again.

    After several years of sitting and having the engine torn apart I am working on putting the burb back together to drive again. Even though the tbi 350 is running, I still hope to replace it with a 5.3 or 6.0 as I wanted to do before having the last longblock built.

    Future plans include
    Upgrading to 35s
    XJ steering shaft
    Crossover steering
    Roof Rack

    IMG_20200823_181537~2.jpg IMG_20200823_181621~2.jpg IMG_20200821_195821~2.jpg
  • Year:
    Suburban V1500
    Trim Level:
    Blue with buckets and console
    Factory Options:
    Power windows, power locks, rear AC, bucket seats, barn doors
    TBI 350
    Transfer Case:
    Stock sloppy for now
    2.5 front springs, 56 3/4ton rear springs with blocks. ORD greaseable bushings, ORD front shackles
    10 bolt front
    14BFF 4.10 limited slip
    Level8 16x8
    285/70R16 Coopers
    Blue Sapphire Metallic