'89 Burb - Izzy got heads

  • Alright so although I was very excited to work on the K5 something just didn't feel right about it.:confused:

    Well as it turns out, that nagging feeling showed its ugly face when I was arranging all of our camping gear and realized that with me, wife and 2 kiddos, all our gear wouldn't fit.

    Enter 1989 Suburban 3/4T


    Found it on craigslist in the next town over. Turns out it was owned by a coworker, who bought it from another coworker, who states the he bought it directly from Gale Banks.:eek1:

    It came with a 6.2 but has been swapped to a 6.5 (supposedly by Banks himself). Unfortunately it needs new heads.

    Plan is to either fix the 6.5 or swap in the TBI350 I have to get it going, then fix the 6.5 over time. I also have the 4" rough country lift I bought for the K5 that I will use under this rig. I think I'll need new U bolts but everything else should work out.

    More pics to come when I get it home.
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