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Offroad 89-ish K5 build. Icecream run/ family wheeler.

3 Link front, leafs in the rear, 2.5" ADS Racing Shocks!


Well I have come full circle as far wheeling rigs. I had the nice mall crawler k5 that started my obsession, then the truggy trailer queen on 42's which I had a bunch of fun with. The truggy was great but only had seats for 2 and was horrible on the road thanks to out of round 42" swappers. So after much consideration I decided to part it out, but keep a few things. I sold the doubler and Beadlocked swampers. This gave me funding to buy the new k5.

Goals for the new k5 is to be more family oriented and use it more, i.e. Icecream runs. Keeping it mild with 35's, 3link front with Ads 2.5" coilivers in the 12" variety. Ford 57's in the back with a shackle flip and the same ads 2.5's with no coils, 2.0 air bumps on all 4 corners. This is going to be a somewhat quick build as my end goal is mid to end of June so I can find issues before heading to Dunefest. The k5 was a rot box but it has a solid frame and a clear green title. I had a solid k5 tub with just surface rust, fenders etc.

I have stripped the k5 to the frame and have most of the frame cleaned and ready for the tub to be dropped on this weekend. Having the right tools have made everything way easier. The hoist is one of my best purchases, after that the plasma takes the cake.

Anyway to appease @Deuling pics

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3 Link front, leafs in the rear
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So I picked up this solid 87ish tub for 400 bucks. I have an 89 frame in good condition. Plan is to make this a full vert k5 for bombing around town and mild wheeling. 4" springs in the front and shackle flip in the rear. Atleast 36" or 37" radial tires(for now). Drive train is unknown as I can't make up my mind. I want to do a 5.3, 6.0 or 454 tbi for good reliable power and drivability. I could always swap my current stuff into it 350tbi 350 trans and 203/205 to get it going. I guess...
Well here is how it sat friday night. Leaky rear main, and posibly intake manifold.

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