89 K5 - "Butch" Build Thread

  • When I was growing up, I had a friend named Walter, who we all knew as Butch. He was NOT a Walter by any means. We got into trouble all the time and he was a scrapper of a kid, rough around the edges, played hockey and was by no means, a big kid. He had heart and was an all around great friend.

    When I finally got my K5 Blazer (I've wanted one since the early '80s) in 2004, my three girls were into naming all the cars. I likened the Blazer to my old grade school friend, and the name stuck. "Butch" it was.

    I've been thinking about documenting my build thread for some time, but I'm finally getting around to it. Here goes.... This is where it all began.

    Here are some pictures of what my K5 looked at when I bought it. Pretty much stock at this point, but did have a 4 inch lift, Auburn 4:56 LS diffs and the interior had been LineX'd

    Blazer with Roof.JPG

    Blazer Topless.JPG

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