89 K5 ls power on tons

  • Picked up a pretty clean 89 k5 about 8 months ago, already have big plans for it. I've always been a go fast person (Built a ls swapped s10, rx7 and fox body), but it's finally time to start a build I've wanted since I was a kid. When I picked it up it had a knocking 350 in it, 4" lift and some 35s. Prob over paid alittle but the trucks relatively solid and is complete. The goal is to build a decently capable off-road rig that can tow my rzr and drive decent down the highway.

    The first stage of the build is almost complete. I pulled out the 350/700r4 and replaced it with ls power like all my other builds. Freshened up 02 6.0 out of a Denali (got lucky and scored from pull a part for 250) with 243 heads and a stock cam for now. Scored a 91 4l80e and matching np241. Got everything dropped in and got it started up before I left back to work.

    Haven't really accomplished anything in the last month due to working way to much. Did start tearing down the cucv axles and cleaning them up. Ordered most of the suspension parts before left for work a couple weeks ago. Rear suspension will be a diy4x flip kit and front tc 4"springs with zero rate moved 1.5 forward. Haven't taken many pictures up to this point but will going forward.

    02E1547F-2D49-4024-9299-B88311222140_zpswzzwjhvw.jpg 57EF8FCA-A2E2-4461-A79C-EEF4C8F9D8EC_zpsxgautkwn.jpg 217C9A6C-96FD-4D23-98EB-77C453BD26E8_zpsoindvwzx.jpg
  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    lq4/ 243 heads
    Transfer Case:
    np241 sye
    ORD crossover
    Front 4" tuff country with add a leaf
    rear diy4x flip kit with ord traction bar
    37" cooper stt pro