'89 K5 The Bulldozer

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  • This is the evolution of my truck. Its current nickname is the Bulldozer, which started as a derogatory term from some of my wheeling buddies. I bought this truck the day my wife and I found out we were having our first child. We had been slowly getting into the offroad world and wanted something we could take further into the hobby. Up until this truck I never had a dedicated offroad rig. My entire life had revolved around street or asphalt track cars. I'd owned a squarebody through high school though and knew I wanted to start with one as a platform.

    We had talked about the goal for the truck. I wanted something we could run on 95% of the trails in the state and also use to travel on longer trails. From my past I had decided I wanted to not build a truck based around trailering. We also needed to have 4 seats. The rear seats had to be comfortable enough for long trips with the children. With that I wanted the truck to be as safe as possible, able to be loaded down with gear, travel to and from the trail on the road, and hit some hard crawling trails in the state.

    I bought the truck in 2011. It came from Pine Junction Colorado. Which is about 2 hours from my home. I decided to drive it back. Made it 2 miles from home before the battery gave up the ghost due charging system failure pretty much right out of the gate. The truck was as unmolested a truck as I could find. I wanted to start with a clean slate. Little mud in the driver door, but otherwise a stock K5 in great shape. The RPO codes all matched what was on the truck and it had 90,000 original miles. I paid through the nose back then but snagged it for 3200.00. After looking at a dozen of them I was pretty damn happy.

    After these years its been a great journey and I really enjoy the offroad world. I've met some amazing people and we have seen some amazing places.
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    K5 Blazer
    Trim Level:
    Customized dash and PRP buckets with 5 point harnesses
    Factory Options:
    I can't remembers
    6.2L GMPP LS3
    2wd 4l80e
    Transfer Case:
    Trailworthy Fab 3 Speed Hero Case
    PSC hydraulic
    King coilovers. Front Panhard 4 link, rear triangulated 4 link.
    D60 and 14BFF
    Trailready Beadlocks
    42" Maxxis Trepador Bias
    Color match spray paint
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