89 Suburban - The Canyonero: See ya later...for a bit

  • Edited: 03 July 2016

    So I've been around awhile, and I've decided to start a slow build thread.

    Watch this:

    What I have: 1989 V1500 Suburban Silverado 350/700/241

    Story: This suburban used to be my sisters. She traded it in to the dealership I worked at and three of my friends and I bought it as a side vehicle for camping and roadtrips. I ended up doing most of the work, so they just gave it to me. It had a bent bumper with a broken side support, no back window, missing seat bolts, iffy a/c, gas gauge inop, I even found a sharpie in the gas tank from her kids, but overall it was in good shape.

    My End Goal: To build a moderate, dependable, comfortable, powerful, capable, multipurpose camping, roadtrip, expo style rig.

    Immediate goals: Varies based on availability and whim, but sub box/center console, finish aam 10.5 swap with hydroboost.

    Intermediate goals: Convert to manual. Dana 60. Barn doors.

    Long term goals: 12v cummins.

    My Build Theory: I love new custom parts, but even more, I love repurposing things and using scrap/jy parts to suit my needs and give them a new purpose. You will notice little things in my posts that reflect this. I have almost always had a tight budget which forces creativity with regards to customizing. I usually fall between a "might as well" and a "budget" mindset (unless it's a super critical part like brakes). It's too easy to get carried away replacing everything that's not perfect.

    This build will be slow as I am on a single govt income. Links and pics to come! I always value advice and ideas so follow along!

    Deciding on a remote transmission filter with part numbers:

    My 3/4 ton axle swap (not many details on the swap itself) Rims and tires, traction control, initial ext trans filter and cooler install, added xj shaft.

    My search for a good, r134a friendly A/C condenser:

    A new core support, aluminum radiator, windstar fans, fuse and relay box, external transmission filter and cooler:

    Gathering info and data for a battery (and alternator). Battery is on last page featuring cool functional military style battery lugs.

    A couple threads on a 140 amp cs144 alternator swap and beefing up some wiring. I think I added a ford starter solenoid around this time too...huge help:

    Deciding on and buying an aam 10.5 14bff. Details will be somewhere below: