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'90 F250


I know it this isnt a Chevy but I'm friends with the Nebraska guys on here and our local forum sucks now so they talked me into making this here.
I bought the truck from John '80 427 on here about 5 years ago. It's a 351 with zf5 5 speed with 4.10 gears.

Used it as a truck and then put some hummer tires on it and tried to mess around with the Chevy boys.

Took it to the river, got stuck. Marty was kind enough to turn around and pull me out.

Bought a power stroke last year and kept this truck as a beater. Always wanted to put a 60 under it but never could find one for the right price. Then decided it was a pos and I wanted a bronco on tons. Randomly found a f350 parts truck for stupid cheap, bought it no questions asked and drug it home. Got lucky and it was a factory 4.10 geared open axle truck.

After going back and forth a bunch I decided I didn't need another vehicle sitting around so the 90 3/4 was getting a 60 swap, lift and lockers.

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