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90 k5 Blazer "Jenny Lee" build


Well this started almost a year ago. After a couple of years of looking for a 4x4 in the Coos Bay, Oregon area I gave up. Trying to find something that hasn't been beat to the ground and rusted out is hard to find around here. Any way I finally found one, the wife said yes and it followed me home.


Its a 1990 full size blazer. It has a 6in lift and sits on 35's. The inside has been gutted and rhino lined. A bench seat was installed. It is 99% rust free and doesn't look to bad. It has a 350 TBI/ 700r4/ np241. The rear was replaced with a 14bolt SF, gears are 3.73's.



My plans with it is to keep it simple. I bought it because I wanted something to go camping and hunting in that has 4wd. My DD is 2wd and sucks out in the woods.
The things I have done:
tune up
new radiator and hoses.
new transfer case, The PO ran it without fluid and toasted the old one.
cleaned up the engine bay
took all the PO's hacked up electrical out.
bought two new bfg a/t ko's
replaced the tie-rods and shocks
and other small things.

I went to the local junk yard and got all the parts to convert my front six lug 10 bolt to 8 lug. I just need to clean and paint the parts. I'm also waiting on my new wheels. I'm going with 15X8's with a 3.5in backspacing to clear the front tie-rod ends. I also bought everything to replace the wheel bearings the front axle u-joints, and the ball joints. I figured since everything was going to be off anyway, why not. I have been collecting parts for this project for a couple of months.

The project I am working on now is a new sye kit for the 241 and a CV driveshaft. The PO didn't set any of the angles right so the driveshaft is shot and needs to be replaced. I'm going to try to do it right the first time so I don't have have any repeats. Buy once cry once, right guys. I wanted to get some springs for the back but my wife said no. So that will come later. The rear is setting on blocks now so that will have to do in the mean time. I have a guy that is going to install the sye kit into the 241 and also cut and weld the perches to get the axle to line up. Another local guy is going to build the new driveshaft. This should happen sometime in the next few weeks. I am really existed to get it back on the road.

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