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90 K5 LQ4/4L80E

Simple LS swap using junkyard and second hand parts


Picked this truck up from a buddy who needed some money after buying his first house. Has a rebuilt title and a knocking engine. Also needs a little bit of body work but overall rust free considering it had spent it's entire life in Missouri and Illinois. Interior is pretty mint too aside from a couple holes drilled in the lower dash and the upper dash pad destroyed from the sun. The plans have changed quite a bit since I got it. Originally was going to put an 8.1 in it that I've had in my garage for a while. Then due to the 8.1 needing a crank, was going to slap a crank kit in the 350 and drive it while repairing the 8.1. However after a weekend of craigslisting, found a 6.0 and some 4l80e's nearby that I went and picked up. Ended up getting a 100% complete LQ4 harness, ecm, all accessories for 700. Drive 30 minutes west and bought two 2WD 4L80's and a 4WD 4L80 for 400 each. They all smell a little burnt so hopefully just some new clutches and bands and some trango kits and we will be all good.



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