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'90 K5 - Project Betty - LS3 Swap for a DD/Offroad/Utility Build


Thought I would open a build thread so some of the more experienced members could save me some headaches along the way. I have seen that there are a lot of different k5 owners out there. Some are straight offroaders, others stock/numbers matching/purist, some that have blazers just to tow their tubing frame creation, and some are just daily drivers that are proud of their truck.

Betty is intended to be built for 7's in almost all categories (other than being stock, I don't give a **** about that). It will not be a daily driver, but I want to be able to take it to work (20 miles) any time I want. It wont spend half its life in the mud, but needs to be able to get out of most sticks. And finally while I do not want her to be a beauty queen, she needs to be pretty enough (inside and out) that my wife and friends are not embarrassed to be seen in her when we are pulling a boat or going to homedepot, etc.


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