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'90 K5 - Stock reliable daily driver


Hello everyone! I finally bought a K5 after years of wanting one. It is a 1990 Silverado with quite a few options.. locker, tow package, and cruise are my favorite. The odometer is incorrect but my guess is that it has a little over 200 on her right now. The previous owner put it a new AC system, windshield, shocks, rear window motor and cable, battery and radiator. Vehicle speed sensor and fuel filter look fairly new as well but the PO didn't mention anything about either. It has an older respray paint job that I'm guessing is about eight years old by looking at the car fax.

I want to keep it fairly stock and make it a reliable daily driver.

So far I have done..
o Oil change
o Plugs
o ECM coolant temp sensor
o O2 sensor (which was broken in half)
o Replaced all dash lights (had to to read engine codes)
o Coolant flush
o Coolant overflow tank (old one was cracked)
o Thermostat and Radiator cap
o Installed block heater (don't need it here in Savannah but I'm sure the Army will send me somewhere cold again haha)
o EGR valve (old one held zero vacuum)
o Replaced the license plate light socket and also ran new ground for trailer harness.

A few things that are on my list to fix it do..
o intermittent speedo problem. It won't work randomly and then sometimes it will start at 35ish or 65ish mph and go up from there OR just stay at that mph. Then after stopping for a minute or two while in gear it'll start working again.
o I have a pretty loud clunk sound when shifting into gear. Motor/trans mounts or u joints?
o PS window is very slow and only goes halfway down
o The steering is a little loose
o I will probably take it to get new exhaust soon. The current system is ratty and I'm pretty sure it leaks. I'm thinking single three inch exhaust.
o Transmission service to include pressure test and replace selector shaft seal (I'm not too sure I want to do a flush)
o Replace door pins

I have an ALDL USB cable coming in the mail. I don't think I really need it but it'll be cool to see exactly what the engine is doing.

Does anyone have any tips for a newbie K5 owner? What should I look to service or replace to make it a reliable daily driver?


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